25 000 tested inhabitants


We can gladly announce to our users that, in the past few days, we have reached the number of 25 000 people tested. The IQ test has already run in all EU countries and, in the IQ statistics of the individual countries, some interesting values are already noteworthy. The statistically important pool of tested inhabitants is already available in Poland (110.83), Czech Republic (113.43), Sweden (110.8), Netherland (113.15), Germany (111.63) and in Spain (115.57). We would like to thank you all for your participation in this interesting project and we are looking forward to the moment when we will be able to announce the next important limit in the number of tested inhabitants of EU to you and introduce you to the more precise IQ statistics of the individual member countries. Please support your country in the European Union intelligence test.

Within one to two months, the test will be available to the inhabitants of the two new member states – Romania and Bulgaria – as well. Please regularly follow the IQ test news as we will provide you more information in the upcoming news publications.